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“We want to be deeper with our community”.
There are many destinations to the House of Highlight. Let this be cleared that the Facebook is not the first and top destination of it. Secondly, the platform doesn’t look for the scale sake. So to reap some revenue in return, the media companies are switching their attention from Facebook to Youtube. It is a platform that joins a growing number of athletes and publishers, who post their authentic videos or click that, are Google-owned. These videos reach the core audience and grab the subscriber’s attention. Says http://www.edcalmedia.com/

The story of Durant:-
A year ago, Durant wished to reconnect with his fans again. For this, he was in search of a platform. So for that Durant, Kleiman, his manager and co-founder of 35 media, checked other big platforms and met the Youtube’s top brass. Kleiman already knew that how great audience youtube offer to a person, but he came away from the meeting by seeing that other athletes had not taken advantage of the platform. So Durant's Youtube channel was launched in April 2017- and after strong reception from fans, they both are trying to bring other athletes to this platform by a Youtube deal. By this many other athletes got fame. It is a safe harbor for the publishers as the Facebook is not taken as a revenue source. But youtube offers a safe harbor to the public and viewers who want to get into the video business. Youtube has become the most lucrative platform for the publishers. This is the major reason why media companies are switching their publication from Facebook to Youtube. Says Thapa from https://newswirenext.com/

Youtube is a channel that offers long-term viewing. People come with the intention to see videos and serialized Dramas on it that is the type of amusement for them. Instead of selling a project somewhere, we can simply put a video to this channel and can upstream it to Youtube Red. Media companies.

Facebook and youtube comparison:-
Facebook as a social media app is not secure as compared to Youtube channel. The reason why media companies are switching their attention from Facebook to youtube is that the content that we post on Facebook is not safe and secure and doesn’t allow everyone to have access to it. While when someone posts something on the Youtube, it allows everyone to have access to it and can watch it. Every type of video and serials are available on youtube.

It is concluded that media companies chose a thing that gives its company a huge platform and increases the rates of its viewers. Moreover, when someone uses the youtube in a positive way, it will give him a positive approach and if he takes it as a negative track than he would definitely misuse it. And all the content that the media companies and business are seeing on youtube, they have to overinvest in it if they are thinking of money to come overnight.

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