SEO Best Practices for Website Rebrand

SEO Best Practices for Website Rebrand

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Rebrands are very vital business decisions which impacts both design and content such as migrations and web changes.

It is crucial to consider SEO in the process of rebranding to avoid loss of traffic and rankings which are brand related as well as any potential damaging impact on rankings of ‘non branded queries’ targeted by impacted pages.

You may follow certain general SEO practices for web migration the process of rebranding, but it is vital to:

  • Maintain relevance in the previous brand (services, products, and business) and also gaining relevance to the latest one.
  • Refrain from squandering the popularity of links in brand related page which are already highly established but will not be member of your site any longer.

There are many ways to conduct rebranding, in case it determines line of products or the name of the company. SEO agency in India will adhere to following guidelines.

Rebranding of Company Name

The most common rebranding is rebrand of generic name of company. This may be the most dramatic scenario of rebranding. The site must migrate towards a fresh domain. It will also feature a fresh website design, reflecting the fresh brand.

This basically will be a 301-redirect of all URL’s of the previous domain to the new domain, considering the prior natural relevance of these pages to the previous brand, which will be incorporated in the new domain name.

For example, if company was termed as X and its domain name, but now the name was Y, domain name should become  As per this, your home page typically loses relevance to the previous brand and will feature information of the fresh brand.

Thus, it may be required to:

  • Design a fresh page to be included in the fresh domain regarding previous brand, which will function in form of ‘bridge page’ for targeting and ranking earlier branded queries.
  • Include a text for explanation (for some time), explaining about rebrand as also linking to previous brand page.

Thus, the new home page cannot retain old rankings of brands but it will aid in referring the fresh page designed to target these which help the business.

Rebrand of Product Name

Though rebranding products is less overwhelming than company rebrand, they are no less crucial scenarios of rebranding. In most case, this does not involve a complete domain migration. Product rebrands may require different solutions to minimize potential adverse impact while exploiting the best from already established pages on products, regarding how the fresh brand name differs from the previous one.

  • Product rebrand without overlay of name:

If new name happens to be totally different from old name, you can exploit the previous product page to be maintained and begin serving in form of a ‘bridge page’ which will throw light on the ‘rebrand’. It will maintain rankings of previous queries like ‘Blue” or “X Blue”, in the process of linking to a fresh product page. Meantime, one should also create a fresh product page as part of the fresh brand name ( Green). This will focus on new queries. Links must be updated by linking from site navigation in place of old one.

  • With less name overlay

In case the fresh name is overlaid with old one (changing product from Blue Yellow to Blue Red in X company), one may exploit previous product page for helping in quick establishing of new one.

It makes maximum use of name coincidence since fresh branded queries for targeting will also include some old terms. For this:

-You must do 301-redirecting the previous product page such as ( Blue Yellow to Blue Red) making use of the popularity of established pages to help the new one.

-It is crucial to spur a ‘bridge page’ which will particularly target just the old branded queries. Such a page must be connected with fresh product page using some explanatory text, making use of old brand in form of anchor text and connect back adhering to same logic. The users are referred to the fresh product page, such that they can make purchases.

These are some of the aspects of SEO practices for rebranding.

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