Secrets to Instagram Fame No One Seems to Talk About

Secrets to Instagram Fame No One Seems to Talk About

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The reality of today is that many of us are now hooked on trying to become Instagram celebrities. For individuals that might be new to the term, an Instagram celebrity is someone who’s managing an account in this particular social networking portal who has already amassed thousands of followers.

The Instagram celeb will have posts like OOTDs (Outfit of the Day), fabulous vacation spots, hilarious candid photos, cute pets, and perhaps beautiful home décor. How do you know if you’ve achieved Instagram fame? When you’ve posted one photo and it’ll have about 3,000 likes in mere moments. So if you’re wondering how to achieve such a goal, then you’ve arrived at the right place, and perhaps even at the right time. We’re going to tell you some secrets to achieving Instagram popularity that no one seems to talk about.

Get Brands to Notice You 

If you can rock a certain look, then it would do you good to let the brand notice the effort. One secret that many Instagram fashion celebs don’t share (and with good reason) is that brands sponsor them for their wardrobe. In other words, they’re getting paid to wear their clothes and apparel. Albeit some of these companies don’t pay Instagram users with real cash, at the very least the “celebrity” can keep the clothes they wear. Brands are constantly on the lookout in social media portals because of these users can be inexpensive to work with (so to speak) in comparison with the company hiring professional Hollywood celebrities to endorse their stuff.

Find the Right (Selfie) Angle 

Many Instagram celebs don’t disclose it, but if you look at their camera rolls on their smartphones, they would’ve taken about 50 selfies and just pose one. Think of it this way – imagine you’re trying to take a photograph of a beautiful scenery but you don’t know how to frame or compose your shot. So what do you do? Most photographers would take multiple photographs of that same scenery and only pick one. That’s a similar logic to posting selfies; if you can find the right angle of which your face looks the best, then only post that one photo, despite the fact that you may have taken 20, 50, or perhaps even 100 selfies first.

Create Candid Moments, Even Though They Might Not be as “Candid” as They Seem 

Celebrities (in Instagram or otherwise) aren’t just strutting their stuff in front of the limelight as they flaunt their beautiful faces and bodies. Sometimes, they’re just ordinary people like us, and by that, we mean that they can sometimes “accidentally” trip on the side of the road. But then again, these moments rarely happen; so to produce a lighter side of their stressful celebrity lives, some made up candid photos can spark a bit of humor, much to the delight of followers. If your followers find it funny, then they can share it with other Instagram users, and the chain continues.

Automating Your Instagram Likes 

Many Instagram users don’t think highly of automation for additional likes and followers. If you’re such an individual, then perhaps you might want to expand the mind a little. To buy automatic instagram likes means that you no longer have to constantly manage your Instagram account when you might have other more important things to do.

So there you have it; some Instagram secrets revealed, just for you. You can follow these tips and techniques to gain a better shot at becoming social media popular.

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