5 Factors That Count for Search Engine Best Practices

5 Factors That Count for Search Engine Best Practices

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“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used by search engine experts to move a site to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).” Search engine needs to find the most trustworthy, most relevant, and most reliable information. Users on the internet search the internet with keywords, and search engine uses those keywords to generate SERPS. What search engine do is that it sends a crawler to find the most relevant, trustworthy, and reliable information from the internet.

94% of users online rely on the first result that search engine shows to them; however, 6% rely on results that search engine show at the bottom of first page. Your goal must be: To achieve top rankings in SERPs.

Following five factorscount for search engine best practices:

Factor 1: Keyword Selection 

It is the part of On Page SEO. For example, there is a person who is a teenager and a smart phone user, and he drops his phone in the puddle, then he will search the internet by selecting casual keyword like: how to dry a smartphone.  Keyword selection is important part of SEO, because users get information from the internet by typing keywords.

Internet users can also find keywords by searching for alternatives on Google. For example, if they type the keyword, fashion trends on search engine bar, then they will see alternative keywords that are similar to the meaning of search words.

You can also select keywords that users use to search the internet. For instance, you can use Google Keyword Planner by typing your main keyword there, and it will show many keywords to you.

Long tail keywords are not used by many websites; however, long tail keywords are unique keywords and help websites to achieve quick rankings.

There are three best practices of search engine that are mentioned below for you: 

  1. You should create content matching the search term.
  2. It is fine if you use multiple keywords (synonyms of keywords).
  3. You should not use a keyword multiple times if you want to give good experience to your users

Factor 2: Creating Content 

Keyword must be used in content for SEO purpose. For example, if your keyword for the content is dissertation, then you can come up with the title: How to write outstanding dissertation. 

Factor 3: Search Engine Experience 

You should give 301 Redirect if your website has shifted from one URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to another URL. In case of broken links, your website must show Custom 404 Page. Doing this will give your users good experience with the search. You should create unique Meta Description for all of your web pages that should be 140 characters long.

You should place your keyword before your company name in the Meta Title, because users on the internet search for keywords and not companies. You have to use keywords in internal and external links. Remember that external links work well for blog posts.

Your site should be intuitive, because intuitive websites are user-friendly. Today, mobile users are increasing, hence you should make sure that the website that you use for getting top rankings in the search engines is mobile-friendly. 

Factor 4: Website Promotion 

You should ensure that more users visit your website, and click on the website. You can do it by promoting your website through social media, blogs, landing pages, Call To Actions (CTAs), and friendly emails.

Factor 5: Authoritative Links 

Getting authoritative links is an Off Page SEO Technique. Search engine experts ensure that they get link from the authoritative websites. All links are not created equal, hence you should make sure that you get link from authoritative websites. You can get credible links by engaging in local meet ups, social media, and friendly emails. Following points will help you how to get authoritative links:

  • You can create best of resources list if you want to come up witha unique post
  • You can interview an industry-thought leaders to write unique content
  • You can create crowd-source content to get attention on the internet
  • You can request the industry thought leader to write the forewords or quotes for an eBook for you

You should create pages on Yelp or Yellow Pages if you want to get found on the internet. You can create a Google page where you should give link to the homepage if your business is in one location. However, if your business is in multiple locations, then you should give a link to the dedicated location.

In short, SEO is a very important practice for businesses wanting to come up at the top of search engine result pages. Write keyword selection matters if you want to get rankings in SERPs. Creating the content matching the search terms is one of the best practices of search engines. Content for search engine is created by keeping keywords in mind. Search engine can help users to get authoritative links for their websites. Search engine optimization helps users to reach the top of SERPs without any cost, hence it is handy technique.

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