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SEO Magnifier – The SEO Tools Every Serious Blogger Needs Every day

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SEO Takes time. How many of you are familiar with that sentence?

Almost every person who is a blogger and online marketer might have heard this once in his life. It’s true to some extent but we can make SEO tasks easy.

There are many things that we need to check before setting up or going for a new campaign. So, we always want to get quick and effective results.

As a blogger and online advertiser, I am confident that you need help in SEO and competition analysis.

There are to achieve each of the said occupations, and some even cost the hell out of your financial plan.

I have seen bloggers spending their money purchasing SEO Tools while they can get the same results with free tools available in the market.

There are many tools available that can help you in SEO, but you have to pay a lot of money for them.

Tools make life easier. There’s no denying that.

Today, I will do a complete review of I will also cover different tools that are good as paid SEO tools. You can use them for free.

Let’s get started!

SEO Magnifier has many useful tools. So, I am pretty excited to reveal gems today.

Online Plagiarism Checker:

If you want to rank high and make an impact with your content, then it has to be unique. Posting copied content on your website might cause you a huge loss.

Plagiarism tool has been one of the most loved tools of bloggers who outsource content for their websites. All you need to paste the content and let the plagiarism checker by SEO Magnifier do its job.

It will check your article for copied content; it will also show you how (unique) your article is.

To use this article, you just need to paste all the content and hit, Check Plagiarism button. It is an extraordinary tool.

You don’t need to pay for Copyscape anymore. You can check if your article is unique or not use this fantastic plagiarism checker tool by SEO Magnifier.

Reverse Image Search:

There are many tools out there who can help you to do reverse image search, but this tool has the largest database and fine AI that can help you to find best results.

On a person using this record search too. That says if you’re talking to someone over the tinder if you want to know more about them.

You can also find out if someone is using their real profile picture or not. It is also helpful to you if you are a photographer and want to know if someone is stealing your work without your knowledge.

If you run a business, then you can also use reverse image search tool to find out if someone is providing real data while applying for jobs or not. You can simply upload their picture to the tool and hit the scan button.

The tool will automatically use its AI to recognize that person in the worlds largest database. It is one of the best tools to find out more about someone and run best background checks.

Paraphrase Tool:

Paraphrasing is one of the most critical parts of the English subject! The paraphrasing includes all the data, thoughts and ideas from the source into your paper.

You will rewrite those thoughts as the data into your own words.

Paraphrasing is an extraordinary method as compared to other effective methods for rewriting. All you need is to keep on writing.

Paraphrasing tool helps you to do revising of content with the aim to convey a message legitimately without going away from the subject of the content. The paraphrased content may contain more or fewer words than the original one.

No doubt, paraphrasing is a time consuming process so you can use this incredible tool to save your time and energy.

You just need to paste your content into the tool and hit the spin button. And, you are done here.

Spanish Grammar Checker:

Want to impress Spanish people. Well, we have a perfect solution to your problem. If you are writing for an audience who speaks Spanish, then this Spanish Grammar Checker tool is a must use tool for your website.

Welcome to the free Spanish Grammar Checker online tool which can help you for getting familiar with Spanish people. You always need content which is helpful for your users. It is very critical to have mistake free content on your website.

This tool can help you to write error-free content for your audience so that they can understand you better. This tool enables you to detect your linguistic errors and help you in your writing. You can write fine Spanish if you use this tool.

Punctuation Checker Tool Online:

Okay… Now, you might be saying, who cares about punctuation marks, right.

But, believe me! People do!

You have to write error-free content and most of the people make mistakes with punctuation marks. You need to be careful when it comes to writing content for your website.

People tend to judge your credibility if your content contains blunders that are easily spotted.

However, you can use this punctuation marks checker tool to prevent blunders in your writings.

Backlink Maker:

Backlinks are the backbone of your SEO. Well, that’s right. You cannot forget the importance of backlinks when it comes to making an SEO strategy for a website.

Link building is definitely a boring and tiresome work, so SEO Magnifier has built a perfect tool to build backlinks for you. You don’t have to worry anymore.

You can build free backlinks using this backlinks maker tool online.

Final Words:

SEO Magnifier is a complete set of tools for professional bloggers. The best thing about SEO Magnifier is that all the tools have premium features but, they are available for free. You can use these SEO Tools to boost your ranking on search engines like Google. If you want to ease up the process of SEO, then SEO Magnifier is the perfect platform for you to get started.

Graphic Design Tutorials for Beginners

Category : Web Designing

Learning art has become part of this generation. In art, Graphic designing has impressed a plethora of people because of the outstanding products it renders.

Graphic designing, nowadays is assumed as not only a hobby but also a career option. If you have a knack towards the art of graphic designing, you can earn money sitting at home just by providing your services as a freelancer. In fact, the engraved graphic designs clasp a hefty sum from the clients.

This is the reason many have started to learn graphic designing. You can learn it from anywhere, i.e., you can join the online classes or traditional classes in your locality.

The classes also teach the graphic designer tutorial for the beginners who are insanely interested learn it and become a web designer or graphic designer.

Some of you will start learning by yourself by checking out some of the headings on the internet. You may lookout forthings you’re aware of such as illustrations, typography, photo edits, button effects and many more. And you miss out other various elements that you’re not aware of in graphic designing.

So, while you miss out something, you do feel hopeless. You assume you can’t be as savvy as a professional graphic designer and later lose that interest.

Have you ever been in such a situation? Well, I just want to say ‘Stop Caring’. Because when you care, the insecurities you gain will walk all over you.

I say, don’t have any sort of doubt on your artistic ability, because one who despises trying after a failure is a not afighter.

As mentioned above, you can get graphic design tutorials from professionally savvy and wise graphic designers.

We have passionate graphic designing lecturers who teach you from the very basic concepts to the vital concepts later without missing a thing from the crevice of graphic designing.

There are countless skills you are going to master in the graphic designer tutorials. Make complete use of the tutorials and build the skills which are going to fetch you a surplus of career and money-making opportunities.

Learning from online graphic designer tutorials will impact you in different ways. The major pros of learning are:

  • You can express yourself through images
  • You can attain clients and maintain a huge client base.
  • You clasp freelancing potential
  • You can work from wherever you want; home, office or even a picnic spot
  • Easy online marketing of your designs to earn money.

Below are top ten skills that will make a pro in the digital graphic designing arena:

  1. Glitch Art
  2. Amalgamating real and digital brushes in Photoshop
  3. Creating vector images on Illustrator
  4. Effective usage of text fonts and effects in typography
  5. Sci-fi thematic Steampunk designing
  6. Applying classic techniques in your designs
  7. Using illustrator to reduce stress
  8. Giving phenomenal text effects
  9. Bonfires in illustrator
  10. Finally, mastering the art of Photoshop.


Graphic designer tutorials help you to upgrade skills in designing. You can learn new things to come up with unique designs on business cards, logos, blogger images, and etc. This, in turn,will keep up your value among the clients you work for.