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The truth behind buying YouTube comments

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Buying YouTube comments is a controversial tactic that generally gets a bad rap. However, for some videos, it really does work. Particularly in instances where you have already bought views and likes for your video, buying comments will help to ease suspicions that the views on your video are not 100% organic. Buying YouTube comments is a tricky affair. If you buy real youtube comments will help boost your video, but buying fake comments from bot accounts can be one of the fastest ways of turning people off to your video and curtailing your success on YouTube.

Increase in engagements

When you buy comments, new viewers coming to your video think that the video is getting a lot of comments. This makes the new viewers more comfortable and more likely to chip in with their comments too. Others will want to comment either to agree or disagree with the existing comments. As more and more people comment on your video, it will get rise in search rankings, and as a result, more people will find it and watch it.

  1. Drown out the Debbie Downers

YouTube is known for prejudice and hostility. Some people will pour vitriol and negative comments on your video just for the sake of it. These negative comments can hurt your videos. While you can report some of these trolls, another tactic is to drown them out with positive comments.

  1. Make your bought views look organic

A dead giveaway for bought views and likes is a low-view-to-comment ratio. In normal situations where you have real people viewing your videos, some of them are bound to leave comments. However, when you buy views or likes, you get just views and likes, but no comments. If you have already bought views and likes, buying real comments will help to make it look like you gained those views and likes organically.

How real YouTube comments work

So you should avoid buying fake comments and go for the real ones. But, how do the real YouTube comments work? Normally, they come from freelancers who are paid to go in and comment on your videos. Such comments are very hard for YouTube algorithms to track. Moreover, since they come from real humans, these comments will be more realistic, as compared to comments from bots, which at times could be a mass of jumbled words that have no logical meaning.

Where do I buy real YouTube comments?

With virtually hundreds of people and companies on the internet selling YouTube comments telling apart genuine providers from scammers is no easy task. You should research various providers, checking out their websites and going through reviews.

Important Features For Creating An E-Commerce Website

Category : Web Designing

Online retail has become a successful branch of selling. Given the ease with which a person can set up an e-commerce website, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are choosing this medium for establishing and diversifying their businesses. When starting an e-commerce venture, people tend to be confused regarding the ideal e-commerce platform they should opt for. This confusion is accentuated by a large number of such platforms available. In order to ease this confusion, here is a list of features that your e-commerce platform should have:

SEO optimisation

The main aim of an e-commerce store is to show up in the relevant search results. Only then will a potential customer click on the website link. Many e-commerce platforms, like Magento enterprise design, have inbuilt SEO optimisation tools that work towards improving the website’s search ranking. Having these tools in your online platform bypasses the need for hiring a separate SEO expert.

Cybersafety and security

The Internet is an open medium. Therefore, cyber threats and attacks cannot be completely avoided. However, if your website has the most advanced and updated security features, then it is safeguarded against malware attacks, spyware and virus threats. Therefore, the e-commerce platform that you choose, should provide these security features.

Possibility to personalise

Nobody wants to look at similar websites. Therefore, the e-commerce platform for your website should have a big range of themes and designs that help you to create your personalised website. Many platforms have a diverse range of themes and designs, for example, Magento enterprise design. In addition, many new and novel themes and designs are also available in the form of plug-ins that you need to download and install.

Responsive design

Customers who do shopping from websites often use different devices for checking out these websites, for example, mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Therefore, it is highly desirable that your business website design is compatible with all of these devices and the customers have access to all its features. Additionally, the platform you choose for building your website should provide the optimum view for different screen resolutions.

Allowing complete control

Ideally, the platform you choose for making your e-commerce website should allow you to control and monitor different stores with a single installation. This feature necessitates that the admin panel should have all control buttons and there should be a possibility to share selective information. Easy integration and compatibility with other apps is a definite plus.

International customer support

Customer support is the backbone of any service. Platforms, like Magento enterprise design, that offer provisions for seamless international customer service, for example, contact forms, order history and tracking, shipping details etc. score very high on user experience and directly contribute to the success of websites.

Other than the specific features mentioned above, most e-commerce websites are expected to have a smooth and secure payment gateway, easy checkout process and user-friendly layout. Choosing the platform that allows incorporation of all these features is the best bet for improving the popularity of your website.

Consider the flair of the service at your disposal- PR hospitality services are remarkable

Category : Business

When it comes to search out what kind of services you want and how to implement them in the public network, you want such groups who can make things possible with the simplest of advice and give right consultation as per the need arise which can be trusted and make things easy by their servicing people to make a remarkable pace to act upon.

Therefore people wish to look for those people who can solve things easily and can advice without the lack or the dropped out conditions and for such purpose they look for the Public relations services from where on they can get the momentum and can make sure the impetus being fulfilled as expected being better from daily life scenarios.

In this way if you are willing to search out key component and want a service on your disposal by experts on hand, you can trust the role to play from such groups and for the better results you can take on the Hospitality PR agency where you will get support and economic flair as well to do you lot of good by all means.

Possibilities become comforts by their support

When it comes to oblige the service of such people what the groups can do is that they are able to make up possibilities possible by conditional explanation for which they are mostly trussed or hire in the bigger places to sole out difficult terms and they are expert to handle such situation quite well.

Therefore what they can do is that they will observe the conditions, would try to learn out the basic requirement and shall act fast to make them happen possibly on the opposite core but with a better incentive that makes both hospitality and retail sector working together with ease for the company growth as well that is remarkable.

In this way when such groups are on your disposal they are able to set tasks and make possibilities on the core for which you can approach them and get best of results as you will also be in the public limelight and will also have economic benefits for a bigger framework indeed.

Rapid action capacity make them most preferable

Finally what is more demanding than anything from them that they should be able to accomplish tasks before time and also be aware of the conditional asset into charge as it does come into play and sometimes does hurt the ultimate business opportunity going out of hands in the absence of such groups who’s experts are able to convert golden opportunity to the right channel.

By this meaning what is applied by them is to take the charge by the apparatus of a business mind and make sure that it won’t make a difference in the comfort to the place where customers are committed to your trust which help in healthy environment and give more benefits a virtual satisfaction.

In this way if you wish to have a better set of impact making people, wish to make sure that such impact can give you more customers to attract without trouble and also want remarkable pace you can approach them and have best of impression all around.

Digital Marketing in Today’s World: The Trends and the Advantages

The retail industry in the United Kingdom is always competitive and progressing to the point it becomes accessible to all, which is why it is natural for companies to come up with gimmicks just to attract more clients. If you own a retail business in the capital and you are starting to experience the toll of the highly competitive market, you should know how to play it smart rather than to work hard.

There are many effective marketing schemes you can do, but you must know what will suit your business best. First, you must identify the objectives and goals of your would-be marketing campaign in order to prepare for it properly. Keep in mind that you don’t want to have an aimless and misguided marketing campaign as your business will end up throwing away money and resources.

One of the more cost-efficient ways of marketing a retail business is by way of online marketing hence the popularity of UK dedicated server. Since almost any consumer or shopper from UK is using the Internet, you will have broad audience if you wish to come up with an online marketing campaign. However, digital marketing is a very general term used in the marketing industry, so what you want is to choose a specific path for your campaign. You may want to choose search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), or pay per click (PPC). In order to determine which one will benefit your business the most, it is crucial that you consult with digital marketing professionals first before committing to any marketing channel.

Regardless of what digital marketing route you choose, you will surely end up with one important element: your website. Any company that found success in digital marketing have their own websites where they put all the information consumers need. The internet can be a great tool for retail businesses to reach their target audience. By coming up a good website will make a retail company accessible to those who need good services or products, but don’t know where to find it. So what does a retail business’ site should have? Below are the common responses of seasoned web designers.

  • Show potential clients the knowledge, skill, and experience of the company.
  • Make the audience aware of the contributions and milestones of the company.
  • Differentiate the company from their competitors and highlight the advantages of the firm from the others.
  • Let people know that the business exists and is unique among other competing companies.
  • Serve as an optimal platform for quality customer service

Hence, if you want your retail business to have a user-friendly website, it is imperative that you work with experienced web designers, digital marketing professionals, and UK dedicated server companies. With a properly designed site, it would be easier to target potential clients. By reaching these individuals, your business will be able to extend to these people the services and products they need, making your business more plausible and reasonable. 

While you can do your website on your own, it is not recommended if you want to rule a very competitive market. Since the retail industry is cutthroat competitive, you should not chance your digital marketing campaign on your own. This is why it is extremely important to hire professional web designers, developers, and marketing professionals to do it for you. They know what they do and are constantly updated with the trends in the industry so you can be sure that your marketing campaign is in sync with the trends. This will allow your business to be discovered by more clients and to have a more solid customer service.

SEO Best Practices for Website Rebrand

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Rebrands are very vital business decisions which impacts both design and content such as migrations and web changes.

It is crucial to consider SEO in the process of rebranding to avoid loss of traffic and rankings which are brand related as well as any potential damaging impact on rankings of ‘non branded queries’ targeted by impacted pages.

You may follow certain general SEO practices for web migration the process of rebranding, but it is vital to:

  • Maintain relevance in the previous brand (services, products, and business) and also gaining relevance to the latest one.
  • Refrain from squandering the popularity of links in brand related page which are already highly established but will not be member of your site any longer.

There are many ways to conduct rebranding, in case it determines line of products or the name of the company. SEO agency in India will adhere to following guidelines.

Rebranding of Company Name

The most common rebranding is rebrand of generic name of company. This may be the most dramatic scenario of rebranding. The site must migrate towards a fresh domain. It will also feature a fresh website design, reflecting the fresh brand.

This basically will be a 301-redirect of all URL’s of the previous domain to the new domain, considering the prior natural relevance of these pages to the previous brand, which will be incorporated in the new domain name.

For example, if company was termed as X and its domain name, but now the name was Y, domain name should become  As per this, your home page typically loses relevance to the previous brand and will feature information of the fresh brand.

Thus, it may be required to:

  • Design a fresh page to be included in the fresh domain regarding previous brand, which will function in form of ‘bridge page’ for targeting and ranking earlier branded queries.
  • Include a text for explanation (for some time), explaining about rebrand as also linking to previous brand page.

Thus, the new home page cannot retain old rankings of brands but it will aid in referring the fresh page designed to target these which help the business.

Rebrand of Product Name

Though rebranding products is less overwhelming than company rebrand, they are no less crucial scenarios of rebranding. In most case, this does not involve a complete domain migration. Product rebrands may require different solutions to minimize potential adverse impact while exploiting the best from already established pages on products, regarding how the fresh brand name differs from the previous one.

  • Product rebrand without overlay of name:

If new name happens to be totally different from old name, you can exploit the previous product page to be maintained and begin serving in form of a ‘bridge page’ which will throw light on the ‘rebrand’. It will maintain rankings of previous queries like ‘Blue” or “X Blue”, in the process of linking to a fresh product page. Meantime, one should also create a fresh product page as part of the fresh brand name ( Green). This will focus on new queries. Links must be updated by linking from site navigation in place of old one.

  • With less name overlay

In case the fresh name is overlaid with old one (changing product from Blue Yellow to Blue Red in X company), one may exploit previous product page for helping in quick establishing of new one.

It makes maximum use of name coincidence since fresh branded queries for targeting will also include some old terms. For this:

-You must do 301-redirecting the previous product page such as ( Blue Yellow to Blue Red) making use of the popularity of established pages to help the new one.

-It is crucial to spur a ‘bridge page’ which will particularly target just the old branded queries. Such a page must be connected with fresh product page using some explanatory text, making use of old brand in form of anchor text and connect back adhering to same logic. The users are referred to the fresh product page, such that they can make purchases.

These are some of the aspects of SEO practices for rebranding.